12 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Western Australia

Make it an unforgettable Western Australia adventure trip.

There are countless reasons why you should add Western Australia to your bucket list:

  • You will experience world-class surf on the whitest beach or enjoy a laid-back moment at the vast expanse of the Outback.
  • If archaeology piques your interest, you will be fascinated by the reef and rock formations and the oldest known living cultures on earth. They are among UNESCO World Heritage.
  • The finest wineries in Western Australia will satisfy your exquisite taste in premium wines.
  • The happiest creature on earth will cheer you up.


If you want to escape from stressful city life, this remote region is a place to soothe your mind, body, and soul. The unique gems and tourism of Western Australia will make you want to book the first flight pronto! You might even be planning a second trip because once is not enough.

Your accommodation is just as important as the places you want to visit. It must be closest to your target destination.

What is unique to Western Australia

What is unique to Western Australia?

As a seasoned traveller, you will notice that Western Australia has unique attractions you cannot find elsewhere. Where else can you find the large rock formation and enormous coral reef on the planet but in WA? Or a pink lake where you can view it from a boat or helicopter? This region also provides habitat to unique wildlife species.

The second-largest state in the world – with a total land area of 2.5 million square kilometres that occupies a third of Australia – will give you reasons to visit again and again. Check out our list of top-rated attractions and places to visit in Western Australia.

12 top-rated attractions and places to visit in Western Australia

12 top-rated attractions and places to visit in Western Australia

Consider these activities when planning a trip to WA.

1. Get close and personal with the quokkas.

If what people say about happiness as highly infectious is true, then getting close and personal with the quokkas is not a bad idea.

These furry little marsupials, which can only be found in Western Australia, are known to be the happiest creatures on earth. They are so adorable that even predators will not dare touch a single fur!

2. Ride purebred camels along Cable Beach.

Only WA has a large number of purebred camels in the world. These tame animals, introduced by the settlers from Canary Island, made their way to WA in 1841. They have no natural predators. It is not surprising that since then, their tribe has increased.

Do you want to watch the magnificent sunset along Cable Beach?

Mount camels and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the vantage point along Cable Beach.

3. Busselton Jetty.

If you are the type of person who loves a leisurely walk, Busselton Jetty – the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere – is the place for you.

Spanning over 1,800 metres long, you can walk almost two kilometres into the waters of Geographer Bay. But there is more to it than walking.

You can descend 8 metres below sea level and enjoy marine life in the Underwater Observatory.

4. The world’s largest rock formation.

Western Australia is home to the world’s large rock formation. Listed as one of UNESCO world heritage, Mount Augustus is a sight to behold. It spans eight kilometres long and three kilometres wide. It is a monocline due to its step-like folds.

5. Western Australia has a pink lake.

Where else can you see a pink lake other than in Western Australia?

This beautiful pink lake, named Lake Hillier, is located on Middle Island off the coast of Esperance. Just a word of caution, though. A licensed operator must accompany you when you visit the lake by boat or helicopter.

6. Sunshine City and the city of lights.

If you want to get a daily dose of Vitamin D, visit the capital city of Western Australia. It is always a good time to visit Perth since there are eight hours of sunshine. Note that this city is nearer to Indonesia and Singapore than Sydney! It is also known as the City of Lights – the brightest spot from outer space.

A view of the Australian Outback on one side and the Indian Ocean on another makes Perth undoubtedly the perfect getaway.

There is more to Perth than being called The Sunshine City and The City of Lights. Kings Park, the largest inner-city park, is much bigger than Central Park in New York and is located at the heart of Perth.

You may survey the magnificent surroundings of the green space park designated for public use in 1872 from the top of DNA Tower. It is named DNA Tower because it looks like a DNA molecule. A great vantage point from the tower will let you see the Swan River and the city skyline. It makes the 101 steps to the top worthwhile.

7. A hidden gem.

Did you know that Western Australia is rich in natural mineral wealth?

The town of Kalgoorlie is the largest producer of gold, while the Argyle mine was the largest producer of pink diamonds prior to its closure in 2020. The mineral industry is a boost to the economy of the region.

There are also sea treasures, quite literally. Tropical Broome, the beautiful north coast, is the pearl capital of the world.

8. A home to the largest fringing coral reef.

The virgin Ningaloo Reef, one of the World Heritage listed sites, is the largest fringing reef in the world. It provides habitat to more than 500 species of fish and 300 varieties of coral and is easily accessible from the shore.

If you want to swim alongside the world’s largest fish, visit Ningaloo Reef between late March and Mid-July. The whale sharks, which can grow up to 15 metres, visit during this time of the year.

The Bayview Coral Bay is also a great base to explore from the south end of the reef. You may also want to experience Sal Salis in the Cape Range National Park, a wild bush luxury just metres from the shore.

9. Home to Aboriginal art.

Much of Australian Aboriginal art, some of which are said to date back to the ice age, can be found in the Burrup Peninsula. It lies between Exmouth and Broome on Western Australia’s beautiful north coast.

Aboriginal petroglyphs, or ancient rock engravings, are estimated to date back some 10,000 years ago. Get a fascinating insight into the rich history and culture of this area.

You may also want to explore the area from the nearest town of Karratha and get sun-kissed on the pristine white beaches of the Burrup Peninsula.

10. The staircases to the soon.

If you are in Broome, witness the staircase to the moon phenomena. Go to Town Beach and watch the moon rises above the mud flats. The moonlight is shining upon it at low tide, making the mud flat look like stairs leading up to the moon.

11. The earth’s oldest living thing.

Shark Bay, some 800 km north of Perth, has the most abundant living marine stromatolites. These living fossils traced their history back some 3.5 million years ago.

Declared a World Heritage Area, the shallow waters of the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve are home to the dome-shaped structures. A timber boardwalk gets you closer to this marine life.

12. A surfers delight.

The east coast has its share of the limelight. But, as far as surfing is concerned, the west coast is much more fascinating.

What draws surfers in from all over the world is the largest surfing waves found along the stretch of the coastline of Margaret River. Relax and take a sip from one of the outstanding wineries after surfing.

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