5 Stunning Exhibits to See in The Great Southern Region

Add these exhibits to your The Great Southern Region itinerary.

The Great Southern Region is one of the largest areas of Western Australia. A good 4-5 hours’ drive from Perth, this region should not be missed by any explorers – there is so much to see and do.

Visitors can enjoy beautiful nature views, delicious food, or learn more about the region’s history by visiting the range of museums around town. The Great Southern Region is steeped in Colonial history, still holding some of the buildings from the first European settlement in 1826.

For history and art lovers, visiting the West is a real treat of cultural centres and museums, and they hold many short-term and long-term exhibits, so, if you are looking for exhibitions and museums to add to your list, we have compiled some of them for you below.

5 thought provoking exhibits found in The Great Southern Region

Museums in this region are rich with the traces of history, aiming to offer unique sights to see and knowledge to discover.

Most museums also hold long-term exhibits readily available anytime you want to visit. Here are some found in the Great Southern:

Brig Amity

1. Brig Amity

Western Australia has 6 museums with a multitude of insightful stories within, one of which is The Museum of Great Southern, located in Albany. The Brig Amity is a replica of the sailing vessel Major Edmund Lockyer used with his party of 45 people when they landed at Princess Harbour’s shore in 1826.

Travel back in time as you walk around the Brig to experience how Major Lockyer prepared for their landing as the first British people who settled in Western Australia. Freely explore the decks and even go inside the cabins perfectly mirrored on the 1826 vessel and know-how these voyagers felt like while they sail to a new land.

Exhibit ticket ranges from $2 to $12, and group tours are for arrangements. You may schedule your visit ahead of time by calling 9841 4844.

2. Discovery Centre

Discovery Centre is perfect for family visitors as they offer different interactive displays for everyone to check out. Museums often operate a “hands-off” rule, but some exhibits at the Discovery Centre can be physically interacted with, for an even more fun and engaging experience. The area is perfect for children looking for memorable hands-on experiences with the different activities that they can try on.

3. Eclipse Building

Just above Discovery Centre, Eclipse Building is a building that displays a huge long-term collection of Lighthouse Exhibitions, Fishing collections, and even more exhibits related to the island’s history.

This building’s main attraction is the Eclipse Island Optical. The light traces a long way back as it was built in Birmingham, England, between 1922 and 1923 by the Chance Brothers & Co. who installed the optical on the island in 1926. The light consists of three glass lenses, with each standing three metres high.

Both the Discovery Centre and Eclipse Building welcome visitors anytime between 10 am and 4 pm, free of charge.

Residency Building

4. Residency Building

The Residency building was home to many important events and stories. The building was initially used as a single store and an old convict depot office back in 1850. Later on, it was upgraded with seven rooms and became the Governor’s Residence in 1872.

From 1873 to 1953, the building served as the home to the local government administrators and became known as Government Resident and, later, the Resident Magistrate.

The building has witnessed societal functions such as tea parties, balls, and even weddings hosted by the local government administrator. Later on, the building got converted into a museum and gallery which tells the stories of the people who initially settled in the region. The Residency Building welcome visitors for free.

5. School Room

Locals also know this place as the Torbay School building. Visitors are welcomed inside the building that showcases an old room of a one-teacher school set-up. Tourists can listen to the story inside the building on how the early educators in Western Australia worked together in teaching the students during their settlement days. The School Room is also the museum’s community library, and educational activities and events are being held here.

Other Museums to check out in WA

Beyond the Great Southern Region there are other Western Australia Museums with different cultural and historical exhibits that you can freely visit:

Museum Boola Bardip
  • Museum Boola Bardip located in Perth Cultural Centre, its name is derived from the Noongar language which translates to “many stories.” Visitors can learn about the Aboriginal people and get in touch with their stories in this museum.
Maritime Museum
  • Maritime Museum Sittings in Western Australia’s coastal port, Fremantle, t Maritime Museum is home to many marine-related exhibits, from leisure boats to commercial pearl luggers. Visitors can see many iconic vessels throughout their maritime history, such as the HMAS Ovens.
Shipwrecks Museum
  • Shipwrecks Museum also located in Fremantle, the museum is situated in the 1850s restored Commissariat building. It is also considered the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.
Museum of Geraldton
  • Museum of Geraldton named after its location, the museum features the rich heritage of the land, people, and sea of the MidWest region. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this museum welcomes visitors interested in learning about Yamaji’s history and culture and the unique land and marine environment.
5 Stunning Exhibits to See in The Great Southern Region - Exhibits
  • Museum of Goldfieldsfound in Kalgoorlie, the place is home to the region’s mining history. Tourists are in for a treat with a massive showcase of the State’s collection of gold bars and nuggets. Travel back in time to see how the miners lived back in the day.

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