Christmas in the Great Southern Region of WA

Christmas holiday travel ideas in WA

Unlike the winter wonderland of other countries, Christmas in Australia signals the start of the summer holidays. Summer holidays begin in the middle of December up to the first days of February, which is perfect for outdoor family activities and trips.

Plan your Christmas trips in advance to make it memorable. It can get stifling hot during the Australian summer, making it perfect for beach escapades and camping.

Western Australia’s southern region is the perfect summer destination. It is home to many of the breathtaking destinations on the continent. From charming and delightful towns, scenic coastal drives, picturesque national parks, untouched wilderness, and its colourful local Christmas celebrations, WA can be your next favourite Christmas destination.

Preparing for a trip can be stressful, especially if you are planning for the whole family. You have to ensure that there is something for everyone in your itinerary.

The great news is, Western Australia is packed with destinations that everyone in your family will surely enjoy and never forget. Here are some Christmas travel destinations that should be on your holiday checklist this year. So pack your bags and hop on your car for an exciting Christmas holiday.

Margaret River

Explore the treasures of Margaret River

Margaret River is one of those holiday destinations that have it all. You can reach it by car, almost three hours away from Perth. The road trip itself is a wonder, offering you many incredible sights along the way.

Here are some places that you should explore in Margaret River.

If you want to see the best wineries in Australia, Margaret River is the right place to be. Home to the best and unbeatable wines in the country, you surely cannot miss visiting these amazing wineries.

  • Vasse Felix
  • Knotting Hill Estate
  • Jarvis Estate
  • Voyager Estate
  • Redgate Wines
  • Leeuwin Estate
  • Cape Naturaliste Vineyard
  • Aravina Estate
  • Cullen Wine

There are other wineries that you may also visit if you have enough time. Enjoy the vineyard tours and taste the best wines that only Margaret River can offer.

2. The Mammoth Cave

Explore ancient fossils, a magical and ancient underground cave, and a lighthouse with spectacular ocean views. The best thing is, you can explore the Mammoth Cave with your family. It offers tourists a self-guided audio tour while you explore the cave, walking on the platforms and boardwalks.

The Mammoth Cave is home to the most important palaeontological digging in Australia. Its limestone walls are embedded with the fossil of a long-extinct species. The tour ends with a relaxing walk through a marri forest.

3.  Top surfing sites And beaches

The Margaret River’s coastline is home to some of the most amazing surfing breaks. You can also visit its swimming beaches, such as the Point Picquet, Meelup Beach, and Injidup Beach.

Albany, The Second Largest City In WA

Get to know Albany, the second largest city In WA

Albany is located along the south coast of the region. The city faces the Southern Ocean and is nestled by the Princess Royal Harbour. It has spectacular and dramatic rugged coastlines, where you can see some whales if you are lucky.

Here are some things to see and do when you visit Albany.

1.  The Albany Heritage Park

A trip to the Albany Heritage Park can be an educational tour since it is home to natural, historical, and cultural attractions. It consists of the Princess Royal Fortress, the National Anzac Centre, Convoy Lookout, and the Desert Corp Memorial. Make sure to go to the Point King Lighthouse to enjoy breathtaking and scenic views.

2.  The Albany Wind Farm

The wind farm along the south coast is made up of twelve giant wind turbines. These fascinating landmarks are not just tourist attractions, but they are also the town’s way to help the environment.

3.  Middleton beach and other beaches

Albany is home to many pristine and wonderful beaches. Middleton Beach is the perfect summer destination for families who want to laze on the white sand and play with the water’s gentle waves.

If you want to go kayaking, you should also check Emu Point Beach. Emu Point Beach is perfect for family picnics, fishing, and boating. There is also a cafe where you can have lunch and coffee.


Enjoy the rustic charm of Bridgetown

If you want to enjoy a relaxed and idyllic Christmas vacation, then Bridgetown is the perfect destination for you. Surrounded by green hills and marri forests, Bridgetown has a relaxed country atmosphere. Enjoy cool summer nights with your family in this charming town.

You can enjoy scenic drives in the town, enjoying farmlands, rivers, and jarrah forests along the way. If you want the full country experience, visit the Blackwood River Valley and explore farmlands, lush rolling hills, streams, and waterfalls.

Busselton, A Premier Resort Town In WA

Experience Busselton, a premier resort town in WA

Enjoy the best seaside resorts the southern regions have to offer. With 30 km of tranquil and pristine beach, Busselton is your ultimate summer destination.

Located 232 kilometres south of Perth, Busselton faces the Indian Ocean. Bask in the white sands and clear blue skies of Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory. Walk along the longest wooden jetty in the southern parts of the world. It stretches 2 kilometres out into the ocean where you can observe beautiful corals of different colours and schools of fish.

Those who love to do water sports should not miss out on Geographe Bay. It is perfect for windsurfing, diving, and snorkelling.

If you want a more peaceful and quiet outing, visit the grassy banks of the Vasse River. It has a great walking trail for relaxing walks and parks where you can have a family picnic.


Be amazed by the trees of Pemberton

Pemberton is home to towering Karri forests. Enjoy bushwalking, mountain biking, fishing, and other activities in this quaint southern town. Pemberton is located between three national parks where you can go camping with the family.

For the thrill-seekers, you can climb the fire lookouts in the tall Karri trees. You can also go hiking in the popular and world-class forest trails of Pemberton, such as the Bibbulmun Track.

Going to the south? Make sure to check the Cornwall House Accommodation.

The Cornwall House Accommodation is a charming ten-room motel that provides the visitors of the southern regions a clean, comfortable, and affordable accommodation. It is located on Albany Highway in Kojonup. Take a break from your Christmas long drive and have a restful sleep. You will feel more refreshed and energised for your activities the next day.

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