Horse Riding in Kojonup

Experience horse riding and enjoy the rural scene in Kojonup

Kojonup offers visitors the chance to experience Australia’s rural way of life. Located approximately two hours south of Perth, this thriving country town is surrounded by farmlands and native bushland. Undulating hills and picturesque valley pools punctuate Kojonup’s peaceful beauty.

However, there is more to this quiet pastoral town in Western Australia than meets the eye. Kojonup locals are also fond of sports and hobbies like golf, horse riding and polocrosse. The town is home to a picturesque 18-hole golf course and the first polocrosse club in Western Australia. If you or your loved ones are into horse-riding, then you’re in luck. Kojonup boasts of several clubs you can visit and experience.

Top Kojonup horse-riding clubs to check out

Top Kojonup horse-riding clubs to check out

Horse riding in Kojonup caters to different ages, skill levels and sport types. Here are some groups that you can check out:

1. Kojonup Pony Club

Children exhibit interests at a young age, so if you notice them being curious about horse riding or basically anything that involves a horse, let them explore!

Joining the Kojonup Pony Club is one of the best ways to introduce kids to horse riding. The Club has a rally once a month and caters to all levels of riding. Kids are categorised into different skill levels: Leadline, first ridden, intermediate, and advanced.

The Kojonup Pony Club encourages children to try new things and have fun at the same time. Club members get the chance to attend various events that involve horse riding, such as the Wagin Woolarama. This exposes kids to different activities that could help them appreciate horse riding even more.

The Club also holds regular riding camps to raise funds for the Club. They teach kids the different movements and principles of horse riding, including flatwork, jumping and vaulting positions and develop and enhance their polocrosse skills.

2. Kojonup Polo and Polocrosse Club

The Kojonup Polo and Polocrosse Club was the first polocrosse club in Western Australia. A team sport developed in Australia, polocrosse was first played in Kojonup in 1950, after Bob Russell formed the Kojonup Polo and Polocrosse Club a year earlier.

The Club can be found at “Wandecla”, 30 kilometres west of Kojonup townsite. They have polocrosse trainings every Sunday leading into the polocrosse season.

They also hold regular coaching sessions for racket skills, horse preparation, umpiring, horsemanship and more at various carnivals to coach juniors 16 years and younger.

3. Great Southern Savvy Seekers

The Seekers is a branch of the Kojonup Equestrian Club composed of Kojonup horse owners who enjoy using the Parelli Program. Members of this group build a relationship with their horses and develop their horsemanship by using the program’s 8 principles, 7 games, 5 zones and “4 savvies”. They hold a play day every second Sunday of most months and also invite professional instructors from Parelli to conduct clinics and workshops.

Kojonup Horse Riding Events

Kojonup Horse riding events

Every year, Kojonup and nearby areas hold races and other horse-riding events. Whether you want to participate in these events or are just happy to watch, you are sure to have the time of your life.

1. Wandecla Picnic Races

Join the locals every year in mid-February at this action-packed picnic races and enjoy a champagne and chicken lunch. There is an activity suitable for every family member to ensure that they all have a great time at the Wandecla Picnic Races. There is live music, a Dash for Cash, Fashions of the Field, free entertainment for the kids, and so much more.

2. Kojonup Agricultural Show

The Kojonup P&A Society holds its annual Kojonup Agricultural Show, on 16 October 2021. It’s an energetic and colourful community event that encourages children and adults alike to participate in various activities. This event features:

  • Flower arranging
  • Cooking classes
  • Log chopping
  • Dog jumping
  • Chainsaw carving
  • Working equitation classes
  • Working equestrian course walk, and other agricultural activities.

In addition, children can enjoy bungee trampolining and face painting. The all-time favourite travelling Old Macdonald’s Farms will be at the show again this year.

Kojonup Horse Riding Classes

Kojonup Horse riding classes

Feeling excited about these events but you have yet to learn to ride a horse? There’s no need for you to worry. Getting riding lessons is quite easy in this neck of the woods. All you need to do is allot at least two days of your vacation time in Kojonup for these lessons.

Glendale Grazing Riding School is a popular choice amongst tourists when it comes to riding lessons. However, you can also ask for recommendations from your accommodation in Kojonup. Locals know the best person for the job, and they will happily point you to the right direction.

The Kojonup Pony Club and the Kojonup Polo and Polocrosse Club offer riding lessons as well. Do get in touch with the club secretary to know their schedules and fees.

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