South West Western Australia Highlights

Everything you must see when visiting South West WA

If you’re travelling to Western Australia, there is a whole world of incredible natural attractions to visit spread through the state’s many diverse landscapes, assuring that everyone can find something they will love.

In this article, the team at Cornwall House Accommodation have highlighted 12 popular travel destinations in the South West region of WA if you’re wondering where exactly to go out of all these places. Here are the top attractions to visit in the South West:

1. Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

1. Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

This is one of South West Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, and with good reason. The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk at Walpole offers a unique opportunity to experience the forest from above your head level, giving you an appreciation for the size and grandeur of these ancient giants.

A spiral staircase takes you through the canopy of this magnificent forest, where your eyes will see the once towering giants, now lying on the forest floor. Expect to see Giant Tingle trees measuring more than 50m high and up to 1,000 years old.

2. Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park

2. Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park

Elephant Rocks is one of the best examples of granite tors or outcrops in the country. This is a great place to look over a huge portion of the park, especially the far islands and headlands. It also features some interesting Aboriginal historical art sites on top of boulders scattered around the area.

3. Lake Hillier

3. Lake Hillier

The Pink Lake Hillier is a salt lake, near Esperance in Western Australia. It’s quite shallow, and not much else lives there except for brine shrimp. The beautiful pink colour comes from large amounts of pigmented bacteria living within the salt crusts on the sub-surface of the lake. The water is so salty that if you were to fall in, you would float!

4. The Gap

4. The Gap

The beautiful and rugged coastline at the tip of Cape Naturaliste forms a natural border between Geographe Bay and the Indian Ocean. There is an amazing view over this unique landscape from The Gap, which is a rocky cliff with ancient sea caves and home to one of Australia’s most famous surfing spots – Winki Pop.

5. Busselton Jetty

5. Busselton Jetty

The longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere (roughly 1.841 km long) is a highlight for any visitor to this part of Western Australia, especially if you want to catch a glimpse of the local dolphins.

6. Lucky Bay

6. Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay, located just north of Cape Leeuwin, is a fantastic place for swimming or sunbathing on the quartz sand. It’s also a great spot for watching sunsets. It is one of the few beaches in Australia where you can bathe in both the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean waters at the same time!

7. Wine Regions

7. Wine Regions

There are many different types of grape-growing areas in the South West of WA, all with different climates and soil types.

  • In the Geographe region, you can enjoy great views from the vines as well as fine dining in some of the best restaurants in Australia.
  • The Southern Forests area includes Mount Barker, Bridgetown, and Manjimup. Here, you’ll find excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.
  • Margaret River is a well-known destination for discerning wine lovers. The vineyards are found on the plains along creeks and rivers, with almost all of them offering cellar-door sales.
  • The Blackwood Valley has been home to some of Australia’s finest cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.
8. Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge

8. Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge

Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge is a natural sandstone ridge is the first place on earth to see the sunrise and one of the best places in Australia for artisan food producers. It’s also where you’ll find some spectacular wineries, including Cape Mentelle Vineyards, Villa Maria Estate, Kew Bridge Cider House, and Camel Trail Winery.

9. Torndirrup National Park

9. Torndirrup National Park

Torndirrup National Park is home to The Gap, Blowholes, and Natural Bridge. It was officially declared in 1973 after the area was recognised for its natural beauty.

Its name comes from the Aboriginal word ‘turndirrup’, which means ‘place of wild, turbulent winds’.

The park is a nature lover’s paradise and an ideal place for whale watching. You can also see the results of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which have shaped the landscape over millions of years and the trails there are great fun.

10. Ngilgi Cave

10. Ngilgi Cave

Ngilgi Cave is an amazing limestone cave located near Nannup has been home to the Noongar people for thousands of years. You can explore the cave and see ancient Aboriginal rock paintings, but only if you take a tour with an experienced guide.

11. Broome

11. Broome

Broome is one of Perth’s most iconic destinations boasting fine dining, boutique crafts, pearls, and stunning views over Roebuck Bay. It has an incredible mix of cultures and a laid-back lifestyle. It’s also a place to catch a glimpse of the fascinating wildlife.

If you time it right, you might spot turtles laying their eggs on Cable Beach or whales swimming in Roebuck Bay between May and September. Broome is also famous for its spectacular annual events, including the Broome Cup in May and Australia’s biggest rodeo in August.

12. South West Wildflowers

12. South West Wildflowers

Wildflowers can be found in abundance in South West Western Australia. The focus tends to be on the Stirling Range National Park, but you will also find some incredible displays in Mount Barker and Albany.

Over 8,000 species of wildflowers bloom all over the region. 80% of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Do include this in your list and witness the dazzling displays during the spring, which runs from August to November.

Your dream vacation awaits!

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