Stay in WA this Christmas: 6 Amazing Travel Destinations

Visit Western Australia this holiday season.

Where would you like to go if jolly old Saint Nicolas grants your fervent wish to spend Christmas in Western Australia? If you are a foreign tourist, you must remember that it is summer in WA at Christmas. Would you like to laze around the beach and get a beautiful tan? Or travel by car and capture Instagram-worthy places in your mind’s eye as you sing a Christmas song or two?

Western Australia has remarkable places to spend Christmas. You may bask in the glorious sun at Perth – home to beaches, wildlife, Kings Park, delectable food, and exquisite wine. Or experience the wonders of Broome, an Australian resort town famous for south sea pearls, camel rides, and water sports. Your accommodation at Cornwall House will be as amazing as the travel destinations you are about to see.

6 Amazing Travel Destinations at Christmas

6 Amazing Travel Destinations at Christmas

1. Perth

The sun is always shining at Perth, the dynamic capital of WA. Perth is famous for its homogenous blend of culture, marine life, wildlife, food, and entertainment. Here are 5 reasons you should visit Perth if you want to experience a magical Christmas with family and loved ones.

  • The famous Kings Park and Botanic Garden – The massive Kings Park is a popular destination for tourists who want a magnificent view of urban and wildlife settings. It is sitting on the western edge of Perth’s Central Business District. The 1,003-acre park is a haven to botanical gardens, natural bushland, and parkland, where you will find hundreds of native plant varieties, indigenous fungi species, and bird species.

    One of the city’s iconic landmarks, the State War Memorial Cenotaph, is sitting on a monumental spot at the park. Marvel at the stunning sites around Kings Park at the DNA tower and enjoy the panoramic expanse of Perth City, Swan River, and Darling Range. You can stroll along the trails for miles without feeling exhausted. The park offers picture-perfect picnic and barbeque areas to enjoy Christmas with the family. The kids will have a heyday watching movies at the outdoor cinema too! 
  • Pristine waters at the beach – The sunniest city in Western Australia boasts spectacular beaches with white sand and clear blue waters. You can swim, surf, and snorkel all day at Cottesloe Beach, a popular swimming destination with picnic spots on a grassy hillside. The picturesque pavilion offers a splendid view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Sip a glass of Margaret River’s finest as you catch up with family and friends at the restaurant.

    Celebrate Christmas with a touch of romance as you watch the stunning sunset at Scarborough Beach with your beau. The lovely and clean beach with a pool is a favourite surfing spot among locals and travellers. If you are a lover of marine life, don’t miss the platform reef near the Mettams Pool. It is a haven for fish, starfish, octopuses, and sea fans.
  • Exciting Wildlife – What better way to celebrate Christmas than to experience wildlife on nearby islands surrounding Perth? A colony of about 250 little penguins lives on Penguin Island near Perth. Dolphins and stingrays also abound on the island.

    The kids would love to feed kangaroos that roam freely at the Heirisson Island in Swan River. However, if you want to see the cutest animal in the world, go to Rottnest Island. A population of quokkas is best seen on the island at sunset.

    The resident koalas at the Cohunu Koala Park, Byford near Perth are a sight to behold! You may feed, cuddle, and get photographed worthy of an Instagram post. Other animals like deer, wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas, echidnas, donkeys, ponies, water birds, and freshwater crocodiles also abound in the park.
  • Delectable food and drink – Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with glorious food and drink. The food scene in Perth is more vibrant, with a bunch of restaurants, bars, and cafes. The yummy lobster, oysters, and prawns from Albany, Exmouth, and Rottnest Island will fill your palate to the brim.

    Then, wash down with exquisite Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River. The islands are not without beer, either. Check out the Old Brewery perched beside the Swan River or the Little Creatures Brewhouse overlooking the harbour in Fremantle.
  • Indigenous culture and history – You will learn about the rich culture of the Noongar people, the traditional owners of Perth, from your local guide. The Kings Park Indigenous Heritage Tour on Christmas will take you on a two-hour sailing trip along the Swan River, a sacred place for the Noongars.

2. Cable Beach

If you dream about riding a camel with the glorious sunset as a backdrop along the beach, Cable Beach in Broome will wake you up from your reverie. The camel ride at sunrise and sunset is as mystical as the three wise men who followed a star from the East to Bethlehem in search of a newborn king.

The pristine waters of Cable Beach are inviting people who love water sports. Kayaking, surfing, and jet skiing are popular activities you cannot afford to miss. You can rent kayaks and jet skis from the shops, but you can bring your own surfboard. If water sports are not your thing, you can be sun-kissed while sunbathing on the equally pristine white sand.

Where can you find the finest south sea pearls in the world? Broome is world-renowned for cultivating the finest south sea pearls since the 1800s. You may join a pearl farm tour that starts at a jetty on the beach, or you may buy from a myriad of shops to bring home as souvenirs.

3. Kalbarri

Have you experienced feeding pelicans at Christmas? Kalbarri is a coastal town in WA known for pelicans, beaches, and gorges at the Kalbarri National Park. It features a climate conducive to fishing, swimming, and other coastal activities at any time of the year.

4. Margaret River

If you like breathtaking sceneries with a wisp of fresh country air, take a 3-hour road trip down south from Perth and discover Margaret River. Christmas is an excellent time to travel to this quaint town famous for award-winning wines and wineries. Your afternoons will not be boring when you visit Margaret River Wineries and local artisan shops. Don’t forget to bring home souvenir items from your Christmas holiday trip.

5. Coral Bay

If you would like to commune with nature and experience heaven on earth, Coral Bay is worth a drop in your holiday bucket list. It is the gateway to the enchanting beauty of the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. However, gentle giants like sharks and whales may not be visible on Christmas. Still, there are other marine creatures like turtles, dugongs, and spot manta rays all year round. Coral Bay offers a mesmerising aquatic adventure and relaxed beach holiday vibes at Christmas.

6. Esperance

Relax and bathe in the beauty of Esperance this Christmas. This charming town is the gateway to two of the country’s best national parks: Cape Le Grand and Stokes National Park. The turquoise waters and unique landscape make Esperance a great place to spend Christmas. What could be more exceptional than viewing a bubblegum-pink lake from the popular Lake Hillier-Middle Island scenic flight?

Book your holiday accommodation for Christmas now!

Book your holiday accommodation for Christmas now!

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