The Best Beaches in the Southern Region of Western Australia

There’s plenty to see and discover.

Australia has always been regarded as one of the best beach destinations in the world and, once you immerse yourself in its stunning blue waters, fantastic rock formations, and sandy shores, you are guaranteed an unforgettably fun and relaxing time.

Australia’s South West has a gorgeous selection of beach havens perfect for casual travellers and serious holidaymakers alike. This region has something for everyone, whether they are looking for delightful adventures or peaceful enjoyment. Here are some of the best beaches in the southwest you might want to consider on your next trip.

Best Beaches for Explorers and Adventurers

Best beaches for explorers and adventurers

There is always an adventurous spirit dwelling within anyone’s soul and when it calls, you got to listen. The southwest region is bursting with amazing beaches and here are some popular options for you to visit:

Greens Pool

Located between Denmark and Walpole, beautiful Greens Pool cove features boulders breaking the gentle ocean waves, the white sand gorgeously contrasting the cerulean water touching the blue sky on the horizon.

The beach gently slopes into the water, making it safe and easy for youngsters and the not-so-young to paddle and play. You can swim and snorkel and marvel at the teeming ocean life below the waters or perhaps bask in the splendour of the glittering sea from the lagoon or cliff adjoining the beach.

Yallingup Beach

Situated near the wine region of Margaret River, Yallingup Beach is another popular play zone among the active crowd. It has big, steady waves, which are perfect for surfers who are just learning the ropes (experienced ones may set out to Main Break for a more action-packed surfing experience) and its sheltered lagoon is an excellent spot for a relaxing swim and water play suitable for children.

Go snorkelling, kitesurfing, and strolling along the rocky cliffs of a nearby park and you’ll discover that Yallingup Beach is where sea enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels can come together.

Surfers Point

True to its name, Surfers Point has big waves famous around the world rolling in from the Indian Ocean in the afternoon. Then, grab some beer with your mates as you watch the sunset amidst the crashing waves.

If you like surfing from a distance, you can watch the surfers and marvel at the raw beauty of the place from the boardwalk. The beach swarms with so much energy and life and has truly come around from being a modest outback town.

Best Beaches for Family Get-Togethers

Best beaches for family get-togethers

With so many sand and sea choices, it is hardly surprising that family holidays in Australia always involved the beach. Here are some great locations for your next family getaway:

Meelup Beach

What makes the Meelup beach excellent for families? The calm and friendly waters, the abundance of trees that provide shade, and grassed areas for picnics. You can set up a barbecue grill and prepare a nice lunch while the kids play on the fine white sand.

Meelup Beach is great for water sports, beach games, boating, and other water activities. It also has a shower and change rooms, picnic tables, and other amenities to make your stay convenient, relaxing, and fun.

Hamelin Bay Beach

Hamelin Bay Beach, located between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin is famous for spectacular dolphin and stingray encounters where the playful marine animals love to frolic on the shoreline and get close to visitors. Head for a coastal cliff walk, and you might encounter some waterbird species, too.

Alternatively, the whole family can go for a leisurely swim or snorkel and admire the fishes and other aquatic life, dive on wrecks, visit offshore caves, go beach fishing, or relax by the gentle waves.

Busselton Foreshore

Kids with a great taste for adventure will surely love Busselton Foreshore. Following an extensive revamping, what was already amazing became even more spectacular. Busselton Foreshore is a fascinating playground that includes a skatepark and bike pathway and other recreational facilities. It also features shady areas where children can set up camp.

Of course, adults will also enjoy the bars and restaurants and other new additions. You can enjoy the seemingly endless stretch of beach flanked with white sand and swim, snorkel, play beach games or go boating or fishing from the historic Busselton Jetty.

Best Beaches for a Little Serenity

Best beaches for a little serenity

You can find fun and adventure on the beach for sure, but people may also go to the beach for the healing and uplifting power of the ocean. For those who are seeking solace, these choices won’t disappoint:

Middleton Beach

The most popular go-to beach for the locals, Middleton Beach is one of Albany’s most stunning beaches. It is close to Albany City centre and is therefore within the proximity of major establishments and accommodations. If you stay at Cornwall House Accommodation, it would be easy to access this beauty.

The beach is protected from large waves by the King George Sound, making the waters calm and safe. The green, grassy areas dotted with Norfolk Island pines accentuate the pale sand and turquoise water. It is truly a wonderful, serene place.

Falcon Bay Beach

This low-key but lovely beach spot is perfect for catching up with your reading while enjoying a cuppa. A restaurant within the Falcon Bay Beach vicinity looks into the sea, where they serve delicious lunch and desserts.

In the afternoon, you can relax at one of the sheltered grassy areas and gaze into the dazzling blue, or the shoreline is perfect for strolling as the gentle waves, and ocean breeze calms your mind.

Best Beaches for Breathtaking Photos

Best beaches for breathtaking photos

Taking snapshots and videos is a great way to immortalise a memory, so, for sharing incredible portraits of your pursuits to the world, here are the perfect backdrops:

Elephant Rocks beach

This beach features exposed granite boulders that appear like a herd of elephants at certain angles and distance. It has vibrant white sand set against the gleaming aquamarine waters and large greens where lovely wildflowers bloom all year round – the rocky coastal scenery is a striking holiday photograph setting.

Little Beach

True to its name, Little Beach is a small gem, almost a top-secret beach destination in Western Australia. It possesses an unforgettably exquisite beauty — dazzling white sand, crystal-clear blue waters, and granite headlands set against the marvellous hills of lush greens.

Bunker Bay

Another popular beach within the Margaret River Wine Region, Bunker Bay is around three hours’ drive from Perth. It is surrounded by restaurants, shops, galleries, cellar doors, and of course, highly esteemed wineries. There are plenty of opportunities for non-beach related activities, making this destination flexible for other interests.

The sheltered beach has rocky outcrops, charming greens, white shores, and sparkling blue waters. Bunker Bay evokes that far off island feel.  It is scenic as it is fun and relaxing.

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