The Great Southern Region in Autumn

The autumn season brings out the best of the Great Southern Region.

How can you tell if the autumn season is in the air in the Great Southern Region?

The colours of the autumn season are evident in the rich foliage of yellow, orange, red, and brown leaves in all parts of the region.

It is the season when large flocks of migratory birds fly in unison and turtles hatch their eggs.

It is the harvest season when the farmers rejoice over the bountiful crops.

The beauty of the autumn season in the Great Southern Region lies in its lush fruitfulness and romantic ambience of colder nights. It is warm and sunny in the morning when the air gets colder as dusk begins to fall.

The shorter days from March to May in Autumn is a welcome relief from the summer heat. The school children are on vacation mode at this time, which makes it ideal for families to bond and enjoy fun and exciting events in the region. Don’t forget to pack jackets and sweaters. The weather gets colder and windy as there might be occasional rain.

Autumn marks the end of summer and a transition to winter. The Great Southern Region in the autumn season is a sea of changing colours, a popular host of music and arts festivals, and perfect for wine tasting.

10 reasons to visit the Great Southern Region in Autumn

10 reasons to visit the Great Southern Region in Autumn

Here is why you should experience the Greater Southern Region in Autumn.

1. Wine-tasting spree

The Great Southern Region is home to award-winning wineries and cellar doors. Feel the cool crisp air in the Porungurups as you sip fantastic Chardonnay, Muscat, and Pinot at Castle Rock Estate. Then, enjoy a scenic view of farmlands, forest, and olive groves at Ferngrove Wines. This superb cellar door showcases award-winning regional wines. The Semillon, Shiraz, and Sauvignon Blanc wine variety is too hard to resist.

2. Arts, culture, and entertainment

Get acquainted with Australia’s rich history as you wander inside the Wellstead Historical Museum. It is located at the Peppermint Grove Farm and is home to thousands of relics that depict Australia’s glorious past. The Kodja Place and Kojonup Visitor Centre give significance to the Noongar and Wadjela Cultures in the district. Enjoy a night of entertainment at Albany Entertainment Centre showing talented singers, dancers, and actors in a colourful production number.

3. Exquisite food and drinks

There are numerous bakeries, cafés, and restaurants to satisfy your craving for sumptuous food and drinks. Family-friendly Bakery Café is home to prize-winning pies. Autumn is the best time to curl up for a beer or two and enjoy the hospitality of the Denmark Tavern. Dylans on the Terrace overlooking Princess Royal Harbour filled up the palate with delicious food and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

4. Watch turtles hatch

Watch turtles hatch and their little ones scrambling from their nest and into the sea. Witness this exciting event with family and loved ones at The Southern Great Barrier Reef.

5. The Great Southern Touring Route

Take a few days off and join a road trip to enjoy the epic landscapes, native wildlife, and charming towns of Albany, Kojonup, Kent, Woodanilling, and Denmark, among others. Or spend three days at the beautiful Grampians National Park and historic Ballarat.

6. Watch Canberra change colour

The changing of the leaves in Canberra is the trademark of the autumn season. Experience the Enlighten Festival as you stroll along Lake Burley Griffin. The rich colours of yellow, orange, red, and gold reflect in the water.

7. Join the festivities in Adelaide

Adelaide is famous as a festival city with various exciting events throughout the year. For example, the Adelaide Fringe Festival is widely known for showcasing fun activities such as gourmet and wine tasting.

The Adelaide Hills Region is a perfect replica of autumn foliage. The hill is splendid in bright hues of earth colours.

8. Swim with the whales in Western Australia

Swim with the gentle giants along the Coral Coast to Exmouth at the start of the Whale season, or see the largest congregation of Orca Whales at Bremer Bay in the Southern Hemisphere. The Lowland Beach is a new site for whale watching atop a cliff.

9. The Ghan Expedition

Take an epic luxury train journey from Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa. It is a perfect way to enjoy the scenic spots of the remote and captivating cities in the Australian outback.

10. National parks

Get mesmerised with the south coast beauty as you spend quaint days in national parks. Gull Rock National Park is great for swimming, fishing, and bushwalking. The Mount Lindesay National Park offers a magnificent view of the Denmark coastline, farmland, and splendid vistas of the Walpole Wilderness.

What is special about the Autumn season in The Great Southern Region

What is special about the Autumn season in The Great Southern Region?

Here are four reasons that make the autumn season the best season to explore The Great Southern Region:

  • Dappled Sunlight – It feels great to get your daily dose of vitamin D as you bathe in the dappled sunlight. The spotted sunlight feels warm without the intense heat of summer.
  • Countless Festivals – The arts, music, song, and dance festivals are fun and exciting. It is a great way to relax and unwind with family and friends.
  • Romantic Ambience – The long and cold nights spark romantic evenings as you stroll along the beach with your loved one. It is a perfect time to offer a toast to the good life. A marriage proposal may not be far behind.
  • Autumn Leaves – The picturesque autumn leaves in yellow and red vibrant colours are a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Autumn leaves are a poignant reminder of shedding old things to make way for the new.


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