The Great Southern: The Destination of Choice

What makes the Great Southern ideal for families looking to settle down in an idyllic region.

The Great Southern does not really need much introduction. It is known for its sunny skies, breath-taking coasts with white sand and crystal blue ocean, and parks and nature reserves teeming with life. The Great Southern is all these — and more! Relocating to this part of Western Australia can be likened to going on a perpetual holiday. Would you fancy dwelling in this idyllic sanctuary? With the low cost of living, ideal environment, healthy lifestyle, and safe community that it sustains, the Great Southern is indeed a perfect place to be in.

Why Choose the Great Southern?

Why choose the Great Southern?

This picturesque region south of Western Australia is ideal for those who love the rustic charm of country living. The friendly community has a diverse population of people from different cultural backgrounds who connect and get along well. The majority of the Great Southern population dwells in the City of Albany.

There are currently plenty of job opportunities in various sectors, which is great news for many professionals looking to relocate. The areas of engineering, education, and health are especially in demand.

When it comes to education, the Great Southern has 45 government and non-government schools providing students primary and high school education. There is a university campus for students who are aiming for university courses, and four Great Southern Institute of Technology (GSIT) campuses that offer Vocational Education Training (VET).

There are several medical centres, allied health clinics, and other health services to cater to its residents. People here have access to high-quality health care. There is also a diverse range of shops and supermarkets, pharmacies, arts and crafts, and other specialty stores.

As sports and recreation are popular hobbies in the Great Southern, sizeable playing fields, swimming and leisure centres, parks, and hiking and climbing spots abound. Vineyards and wineries, commercial, arts and entertainment centres, and other venues are plentiful as well. The place truly offers a lot to its denizens.

Employment Prospects in the Great Southern

Employment prospects in the Great Southern

The economy is enjoying a steady growth that opens doors for many workers and investors. The main contributors to economic growth are primary production and tourism. With primary production as the main industry, agriculture, farming, forestry, fishing, livestock, wool, and timber are leading the way. It is followed by the retail sector and the government services sector, which includes education, health, transport, and public administration and safety. Tourism has always been a thriving economic contributor and is projected to see an even stronger standing in the coming years.

This continuous economic growth brings an equally growing demand for skilled professionals and workers. As the economy continues to shoot upwards, it also becomes diversified, opening more doors in the professional, trades, and services sectors.

The Great Southern lifestyle

People living in the Great Southern enjoy a dynamic, exciting, active, and healthy lifestyle, which greatly contributes to their health and well-being.

Recreation and Sports

Recreation and sports

The region has a plethora of sports and activity centres present in almost every town in the region. When one thinks of recreation, it is all about outdoor activities most of the time.

People here are quite outdoorsy, and they have a zest for activities that get their blood pumping. Off-road cycling, trail bike riding, hiking, climbing, kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving are popular not only among the residents but among the visitors as well.

For those into hill walking, the Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges, the highest peak in the Great Southern, surely offers a great deal of challenges and excitement. The Bibbulmun Track for those who enjoy walking the trail, and the Munda Biddi Trail for off-road cyclists, are well-known for their trails extending to Albany from Perth. The journey is thrillingly epic, with the trails reaching 1000 kilometres.

Sports and recreation options in the Great Southern surely are amongst the best in the country. With all its fantastic mountains, forests, and aquatic assets, there is no room to get bored in this side of Western Australia.

Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

Arts, entertainment, and culture

The region boasts of a flourishing arts community and is evident in the many art galleries present all over the district. It houses numerous works of art by talented artists, the recognised and the up-and-coming alike.

The Great Southern also hosts a wide variety of festivals, including Perth International Art Festival (PIAF), Vintage Blues, music festival, and wine festivals, among others. It also regularly holds Southern Art and Craft Trail, Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern, charity events, community services, and many more.

For more cultural experiences, the Great Southern offers a lot of options. In Kojonup, for instance, one may fancy getting himself absorbed in the colourful Aboriginal culture and traditions delivered through storytelling. The National Anzac Centre, meanwhile, offers an in-depth look at the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Residents and guests get the opportunity for collaboration and play their part in nature conservation, sports, theatre, music, visual art, and other cultural activities. This volunteering and participation culture is one of the core strengths of this region.

Other Attractions

Other attractions

The Great Southern has an ample assortment of excellent restaurants that satisfies different cravings and delights the tastebuds. It also holds major retail chains, with Albany as the central figure in the retail hub scene. Other areas are catching up, with Katanning and Denmark pulling in more customers with their great selection of shops.

Albany, being the key player, also holds weekend markets with best quality produce from regional growers. Local products are showcased around the region through craft outlets found all over the district.

When it comes to wines, the Great Southern is never behind as it is among the recognised wine producers in Australia. Other attractions include beaches, national parks, and eco-tourism sites. With everything that the Great Southern offers both its residents and tourists, it is no wonder that this region is regarded as the most popular tourist destination outside of Perth.

Experience the Warmth of the Great Southern

Experience the warmth of the Great Southern

Is the Great Southern inspiring you to relocate, just like the many who are dreaming of a blissful town to settle in? Many professionals, families with kids, retirees, and country lovers have made that decision, and they are happy. The proximity to nature, healthy lifestyle, affordable cost of living, and plenty of job opportunities makes living in the Great Southern splendid.

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