Tips for travelling to Kojonup with kids: Fun family-friendly activities and attractions.

We’ve got your itinerary covered on your next travel to Kojonup.

Are you planning to visit Western Australia with the kids? A WA bucket list should include Kojonup, a Great Southern treasure famous for beautiful wildflowers, species of marsupials, and birds.

Kojonup is not only a place rich in cultural heritage and tourist attractions but also a place to spend family-friendly activities with the kids. This thriving town, 270 km southeast of Perth and an hour and a half from Albany, exudes a laid-back rural feel.

Is it not fun to engage in activities with the kids without worrying about safety and security? Travelling to Kojonup with the kids means spending quality fun time with peace of mind.

Top family-friendly activities in Kojonup

Kids are inherently adventurous as they love fun-filled activities as much as adults.

Kojonup is a perfect place to unwind and create fond memories of the family – memories will last a lifetime.

Check out these family-friendly activities everyone will enjoy!

Experience chattering bird life in Kojonup Reserve.

1. Experience chattering bird life in Kojonup Reserve.

The sound of chattering birds in magical bushland is music to the ears of people of all ages. A chirping sound calms the nerves and soothes the senses. Exploring nature and wildlife in Kojonup Reserve – a 3-hour ride from Perth – will satisfy your kids’ innate curiosity.

Kojonup Reserve, a standout in wheat belt country, is home to about 100 species of native birds:

  • The Golden Whistler feeds on buzzing insects in the reserve’s canopy.
  • Local bird species like the Rufous Tree-creeper nestle in hollows in the woodland.
  • Foraging birds like the white-browed Babblers make fallen logs their habitat.
  • The Red-tailed Phascogale–the sweetest resident of Kojonup Reserve – springs from she-oak trees and leaps around the canopy like a bolt of lightning. It flies in the air two metres at a time and wraps its Velcro-like feet around the sides of the trees.
  • Honeyeaters feed on the woodlands’ nectar-rich flowers all year round.

Other species to watch in Kojonup Reserve are the Pygmy Possums, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Tawny Frogmouth, Bearded Dragons, Owls of Australia, and Goannas (Monitor Lizards).

2. Enjoy the sight of beautiful wildflowers.

Kojonup is famous for beautiful wildflowers seen in flower sanctuaries.

A flora species bloom in spring until late summer. It is a learning experience for your inquisitive tots.

· Australian Bush and Heritage Reserve

The Australian Bush and Heritage Reserve, a woodland north of Kojonup, is host to open shrubland, orchids, heaths, herbs, sedges, and Melaleuca thickets. The little ones will have a heyday watching native birds like the Peregrine Falcon, Black Cockatoo, and the rare shrike-tit.

· Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

A local school teacher named Mrs. Myrtle Benn instilled love and appreciation of nature in her grade 6 pupils by taking them to the sanctuary every week.

You will enjoy watching a rich diversity of flora and fauna as you walk along the trails designed by her students.

The floral species that abound in the sanctuary are myrtle, cat paws, everlastings, Damiera, and a string of orchid species.

· Farrar Dam Reserve

Before the 70s, the dam provided a fresh water supply to steam engines. An old railway dam is a habitat for water birds, frogs, and tortoises. The Farrar Dam Reserve has a remarkable collection of mosses, lichens, and flowers.

· Lake Magenta Flower Reserve

Mother Nature’s beauty at Lake Magenta Flower Reserve will make you forget about the arduous 3-hour drive from Kojonup.

A discerning nature lover’s eyes will glue to wildflower species like Baxter’s Banksia, Dancing Spider Orchids, Flame Grevillea, and the unique Bottlebrush.

Lake Magenta Flower Reserve also provides a habitat for various birds and mammal species.

· Boot Rock Reserve

If driving for several hours saps your energy, there’s an alternative 30-minute drive away on the outskirts of Broomehill. Boot Rock Reserve got its name from one of the unique rock formations in the area.

A wildflower reserve with plenty of bush trails has over 130 species of plants.

Relax on a picnic with the family.

3. Relax on a picnic with the family.

A picnic in a great outdoor area is the perfect time to bond with the family while relaxing in an ambience conducive to meaningful family conversations.

Check out these suggestions from Cornwall House Accommodation:

· The Kodja Place

Your visit to Kojonup will not be complete without stopping by The Kodja Place with the family. Take a glimpse into the lives of the Aborigines centuries ago thru interactive displays and exhibits.

Share bonding time with the family on a picnic area in the rose maze as you hear stories about three women from Kojonup: Yoondi (Noongar), Elizabeth (English), and Maria (Italian).

· Kojonup Apex Park

The Kojonup Apex Park is a place for respite from the day’s fun-filled activities. Your indefatigable kids will love running around the playground. As for the adults, you can just sit and relax on the park benches or take refreshments from nearby coffee shops and eateries.

· Kojonup Spring

Kojonup Spring is on the edge of Rotary Park off Spring Road in Kojonup. It has remarkable picnic facilities where families can have great conversations over a hot cup of coffee while the kids devour chocolates and ice cream.

4. Have fun swimming.

Everybody loves swimming, right? Those who do not swim can dip in the pool.

The Kojonup Memorial Swimming Pool – a 6-lane and 50-m pool – caters to kids and adults alike.

Various activities like aqua aerobic classes and swim club for children are in summer. Kids will go crazy over blitz inflatable, pool toys, basketball hoops, and music. The facility is great for birthday parties, barbeque, and entertainment.

Play golf with kids.

5. Play golf with kids.

There is always a first time for everyone. Adults who are ardent golfers can teach their kids the basics of golf at The Kojonup Golf Club, an 18-hole public golf course in the Great Southern Region. Check out their calendar of events and join the fun!

6. Watch horse race.

The Kojonup Race Club holds an annual Wandercla Race to celebrate horse racing. It is a one-day event held in February. Horse racing enthusiasts will have a heyday during the event. Meanwhile, those who are not into horse racing can still enjoy fun activities like camping, live music, and entertainment during the event.

Fantastic accommodation is just a click away!

Fantastic accommodation is just a click away!

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