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Things to see and do in Kojonup

Kojonup is an award winning town located in the south west of Western Australia, there is plenty to see and do in this small but perfectly formed country oasis. Immerse yourself in the History and community spirit that this town has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

The Kodja Place

Kodja Place is in the Visitor’s centre. The Kodj, an authentic Noongar stone axe is the centre exhibit within the gallery, and is home to artefacts, stories, interactive displays, exhibits pictures and hands on devices to tell the story of the Noongar people.

The Story Place invites visitor to immerse themselves into the lives of traditional Noongar people through photos, quotes and displays, that demonstrate how they traditionally lived, hunted, used tools and prepared food through to modern farming.

What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
Indigenous Art & History of the Noongar People at Kodja Place

Australian Rose Maze & Three Women’s Stories

Located outside the Kodja Place, this beautiful display pays tribute to the women of twentieth century Australia, which designed as a place for a community celebration. The maze will change and grow over time. The plants are all Australian grown between 1900 -2000, specially for this country’s tough climate.

Rose enthusiasts will find over 100 varieties, including Lorraine Lee, Milkmaid, Restless, Pacific, Ice Parfait, and Country Women.  Take a leisurely stroll through the maze, enjoy the wonders that local artist and volunteers have created, whilst learning about three women, who’s fascinating stories are displayed on signs, throughout this enchanting garden.

What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
Kodja Place’s Rose Maze Aerial View

Kojonup Spring

This popular picnic spot is a beautiful oasis, located in the centre of Kojonup. In 1837, Surveyor Alfred Hillman and his soldiers, arrived in Kojonup. They were guided to the fresh water by the Noongar people that inhabited the land. Hillman recommended that the land surrounding the spring was a good place to build a town and in May 1840, the land was opened for selection and the government held a public sale.  Today the Spring is knowns as The Kojonup Spring, and is believed to have spiritual and cultural significance to both aboriginal and non-aboriginal people.

What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
Kojonup Spring – the lifeblood of the town.

Military Barracks

Built in 1845 by soldiers of the 51st regiment, the barracks offered protection to travellers on the isolated road, when travelling between Perth and Albany. In later years it was used as Kojonup’s first school, a meeting place for local church groups and a private home. In 1963 the Shire Council purchased the building and then donated it to the Historical Society as a museum, classified by the National Trust. With thick brick walls and small windows, this old building is now surrounded by Peppermint trees that are over 100 years old. You are welcome to take a tour of the inside which features a Military Room, on Sundays from 1.30-3.30 or by prior arrangement.

What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
Kojonup Military Barrack – Rich in Military History

Elverd Cottage

Built in 1854 and located on Soldier Road by William McDonnell, the property was then acquired by the Elverd family in 1879. The property is now cared for by the Historical Society, as a cultural museum. It has now been restored and is one of only a few Pensioner guard cottages left in Australia. Public access can be arranged via appointment by contacting The Kojonup Visitor Centre.

What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
Elverd Cottage – Cultural Museum

Centenary of Federation Wool Wagon

In the mid-19th Century the wool industry began to boom and by 1906 the Shire had over 10,500 sheep. It was recorded that by 1989 the Shire had over 1 million sheep being shorn. To celebrate this achievement and the importance that the wool industry has had on this small town, a one and a half scale model of a Wool Wagon was officially opened on Australia Day 2001.

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What’s On In The Local Area - Local Area
The Centenary of Federation Wool Wagon replica.

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