Why Accommodation is the Most Important Part of your Trip

You have packed your bags and made a list of the top things you want to see or experience on your vacation to Kojonup. On top of your itinerary, it’s a must to check if you have your accommodation covered.

Your accommodation during a vacation can make or break your trip. Where you come back to after a long day of touring around can either refresh you, or make you feel even more exhausted.

There is a range of accommodation types you can try here in Kojonup. There are hotels, motels and hostels, bed and breakfast stays, guest houses, and even campsites and parks. They can be serviced or non-serviced accommodation. With these options at your fingertips, you need to make the right decision. You should think about your needs, personal preferences, and your trip’s itinerary.

3 reasons why accommodation is the most important part of a trip

Your accommodation reflects your cultural experience.

Your accommodation reflects your cultural experience.

Imagine going out to immerse yourself with the local culture in Kojonup, only to go back to an accommodation that shows no signs of the local culture. There’s a clear difference between a beautiful, dime-a-dozen hotel and a motel with character.

With a hotel, especially a hotel that’s part of a chain, you get the same experience and services as you’d get anywhere else. This sense of similarity is what hotels are known for.

Smaller motels and accommodation help you get to experience the local culture right off the bat, even as soon as you arrive. You can already have a hint of Kojonup’s history by looking at the architecture of the place, the people, and the lifestyle. Smaller hostels and motels are also great places for socialisation. You can meet other travellers and working locals.

There’s also a certain charm to smaller hotels and local boutiques that bigger establishments can’t replicate.

Your accommodation affects your daily trips.

Your accommodation affects your daily trips.

One of the worst mistakes rookie travellers make is not considering travel time. There are some cities and towns where everything is really close to each other. In some cases, though, you’d have to travel quite a while to get to one park or another museum. In those cases, the location of your accommodation becomes crucial.

You need to be close to the places where you are likely spend a lot of time. This means looking for a motel that’s near a diverse selection of food, shopping places, and socialisation hubs. It can’t be too remote.

Some people also prefer to stay someplace that’s not too close to the action. You also need to rest, which can be difficult if you’re right beside a busy street at night. The important thing is to know your own preferences and plan accordingly. Don’t be hasty in trying to get a cheaper booking if it will only inconvenience you when you actually travel.

It’s your home base at the end of the day.

It’s your home base at the end of the day.

Whether you planned a relaxed itinerary or days jam-packed with fun activities, staying in a different place as a tourist is still pretty tiring. You need to have a comfortable place to rest at the end of the day, which is why your choice of accommodation is so important.

Before booking your hotel, motel or guesthouse, check if they have the amenities or services that are important to you. You’d be surprised at the simple necessities that can be overlooked. For example, you might be looking for a place that has a convenient breakfast bar, or an accommodation which offers connectivity to the Internet.

Without the amenities you’re used to, your choice of accommodation might just end up souring the mood of your trip. It’s also important to look for a rating for security, especially when it comes to your belongings.

The right type of amenities, coupled with hospitable service, will enhance your overall experience.

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