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Getting married in The Great Southern Region

Many couples choose to tie the knot at a wedding destination, often in far away, exotic places, rather than in the local church or registry office. Some choose to carry out their ceremonies in churches, beaches, farms, caves, or forests, and The Great Southern Region offers a vast array of settings that could be perfect for your destination wedding. Here, you can find fantastic views of the ocean waters, vineries, and bushlands of Western Australia.

Kojonup, a quaint rural town in the south, is a great wedding destination for those seeking a one-of-a-kind ceremony and reception. With its rich history, this town is home to heritage sites and establishments with unique architecture.

Why is Kojonup a great wedding destination?

If you are driving from Albany, it will take you less than 2 hours to reach Kojonup. It is a small town with only a population of 1,980, making it the perfect place for a special and private destination wedding. Here are more reasons to choose Kojonup for your matrimonial union:

  • Rustic Barn and Farm Weddings
  • Sumptuous Local Cuisine
  • Local Attractions for the Couple and Guests
  • Great Accommodation
Rustic Barn and Farm Weddings

Rustic barn and Farm weddings

Getting married surrounded by nature’s beauty is one of the reasons why destination weddings are still in style and Kojonup’s landscape, with its enchanting fields and gardens, creates a little sanctuary for you and your partner when you’re exchanging vows.

If you dream of having a rustic theme, getting married on a farm or an old family barn are some of your options. Accents of wood, hay, grass, flowers, and trees will give your wedding a relaxed and laid-back ambience that your guests will love.

This type of location also gives you more space for people and wedding decorations. Some prefer barn weddings since it gives them a blank canvas and provides the couple with the freedom to creatively modify and decorate the place based on their preference.

Having this kind of set-up also allows couples to have more opportunities to take creative shots for your wedding photos. Tractors, barn furniture, open fields, and wooden walls can be utilised as ornaments and backgrounds in pictorials.

Sumptuous Local Cuisine

Sumptuous local cuisine

Having a wedding in a place other than your hometown gives you the opportunity to try the cuisine and delicacies of another place. With Kojonup’s rich local culture, you can expect that delicious meals will be served at your wedding reception.

You can have the option to hire a chef from the area and have them create a unique menu for your reception; local chefs offer a wide variety of cuisine, from Mediterranean to Mexican and Modern Australian. You can also utilise the services of caterers in Kojonup for buffet-style dining.

If you and your partner love seafood, serving fresh fish and shellfish is possible because nearby towns, like Perth and Albany, have access to Western Australia’s oceans. You can also purchase from local vineyards and distilleries to experience the taste of local wines and liqueurs during your reception.

Local Attractions for the Couple and Guests

Local attractions for the couple and guests

Since your guests will probably have some free time before or after the wedding ceremony, they can tour the town and explore the attractions it has to offer. One of the places they can visit in Kojonup is the infamous Kodja Place and Rose Maze.

Kodja Place is a centre built to focus and promote the local and indigenous culture in Kojonup. You and your family can explore the Kodj Gallery and learn about the Noongar and how their practices and material culture shaped the town to what it is now.

The Rose Maze is also one of the town’s highlights, housing over 100 types of Australian-bred rose. The maze’s pathways also share the Three Women’s Stories, which is a chronicle of the Australian women’s experiences in Kojonup during their time.

Other local attractions are part of Kojonup’s history and heritage. Explore the Railway Station, the Old Post Office, the Military Barracks, and the Heritage Harness Display – enjoy a family-friendly tour that kids and adults will both appreciate.

If some of your guests and relatives are into sports, the town is also home to a different sport and recreational centres. They can play some golf, do some exercise through swimming or practice football and tennis while passing the time.

Great Accommodation

Great Accommodation

Looking for some good country hospitality? Various motels and inns in Kojonup offer affordable accommodations wherein warmth and comfort will be provided to guests.

Since you will be having a destination wedding, most of the people attending the ceremony will have to travel before reaching Western Australia. Therefore, having a comfortable sleep is a must for your guests. That is why choosing great accommodation is a must.

It is recommended to choose small local accommodation options, such as Cornwall House, to get an authentic local experience that will allow you to fully appreciate the townl’s hospitality and culture.

Most motels are also nestled in areas wherein there is less traffic and less noise, ensuring that you will get a good night’s sleep before your big day. Kojonup can also be your honeymoon destination and expect local accommodations always to ensure you have an exquisite stay.

Stay at Cornwall House on your Kojonup Wedding Destination

Before you make any reservations for you, your partner, and your visitors in a Kojonup accommodation, it is fundamental to pick a place where your basic necessities will be provided. Keep in mind that comfort, convenience, and security are important things to consider when booking a motel for your destination wedding.

Cornwall House is a 10-room motel that will surely make your destination wedding accommodation stress-free. We value our guests’ security and comfort by providing hospitable service and well-maintained amenities. Our place has the local Kojonup charm that gives a warm and friendly atmosphere to our guests.

Go ahead and check our availability by sending an enquiry form through our website, cornwallhouseaccommodation.com.au/contact. You can also call us on (08) 9831 0214 or email us at stay@cornwallhouseaccommodation.com.au to make arrangements and reservations for your destination wedding in Kojonup. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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