Must See Wildflowers – Kojonup WA

Must see wildflowers

See Wildflowers as they are meant to be seen – In the Wild.

When on holiday, one of the little treats we tend to give ourselves is to seek out beautiful, peaceful places so we can relax in the arms of Mother Nature. The Great Southern Region of Western Australia is a haven for the brilliant colours, the amazing aromas and the simply beautiful flora that we are fortunate enough to have in this country. This region is located just under three hours from Perth and only 2 hours from Bunbury, making it just a day trip away from the major centres.

The township of Kojonup is an ideal starting place for your exploration of this beautiful region and its amazing plant life. To experience this region at its most exquisite, you will need to be prepared for a short road trip, and we all love a good road trip.

The Kojonup Visitor Centre is an excellent resource centre and can assist in planning your Wildflower odyssey. The Centre can help with maps and, best of all, they can give you the benefit of their local knowledge to find the hidden gems of the area, known only to the locals. The Kojonup Visitor Centre is located in the Kodja Place, at 143 Albany Highway, Kojonup WA 6395.

Must See Wildflowers – Kojonup WA - Wildflowers

Farrar Dam Reserve

The Dam is a great spot to check out the region’s wildflowers. It is relatively easy to find, turn right after you leave the Kojonup Visitor Centre, go off the Albany Highway onto the Boyup Brook/Kojonup Road, travel for 8 kilometres and you will arrive in just a few minutes.

The Reserve is the home of the Red Lechenaultia, which is Kojonup’s floral emblem. They also have a blue variety of the same species and many varieties of orchid. Experience the explosion of colour, from the orange Gastrolobium Peas, tempered by the beautiful, white flowers of the Stackhousia.

Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a well-established nature reserve located on the Tunney Road, north of the Frankland River/Cranbrook Road near Kojonup. This is a great place to go wildflower hunting as it is home to a stunning variety of orchids. Look carefully and you will find the White Spider, Mantis, Pink Enamel and Red-Tongued Spider orchids. Other species which you may encounter are Myrtle, Dampiera and Cats Paws.

The Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary has some wonderful walking trails, a carpark for you to leave your vehicle and they also have maps to help guide you through the reserve. This is a perfect place for the wildflower enthusiast to observe wildflowers in the wild.

Must See Wildflowers – Kojonup WA - Wildflowers

Lake Magenta Nature Reserve

If you are up for a bit of a drive, then I would suggest heading for the Lake Magenta Nature Reserve. The Reserve is located 3 hours from Kojonup along the Katanning-Nyabing Road, in the Shire of Kent which is part of Western Australia’s southern wheatbelt. Lake Magenta Nature Reserve covers an area of 1080 square kilometres and is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. It is home to 300 plant species, with upwards of 40 species of wildflowers including Baxter’s Banksia, Dancing Spider Orchids, Flame Grevillea and of course, everyone’s favourite, the Bottlebrush.

The reserve is also home to a large and varied bird population and many mammal species. Lake Magenta Nature Reserve is host to Western Australia’s only colony of the Heath mouse, which was once thought to be extinct in this state. The Reserve is a little out of the way, but well worth a visit for the discerning nature lover.

Must See Wildflowers – Kojonup WA - Wildflowers

Boot Rock Reserve

If you would like something a little closer to Kojonup, there is always the Boot Rock Reserve. It is located a short 30 minute drive away on the outskirts of the town of Broomehill and is named after one of the unique rock formations in the area. This is a real haven for those who enjoy wildflower bush walks, with over 130 species of native vegetation in the area.

Take the time to visit the Broomehill Golf Club and take a leisurely stroll along the fairways. You will be pleasantly surprised by the many species of wildflowers present in such an unexpected location. This area is a real gem from Mother Nature’s treasure chest.

If you are looking for a place to rest and relax for a bit before the drive back to Kojonup, I would suggest stopping in at the Henry Jones Winery and Cafe located at 36 India Street in the Broomehill Village. This is one of the social hubs of the town and is housed in a magnificently restored, historic building.


If you are up for a lazy afternoon drive in the country, try heading out to the Shire of Cranbrook. This area is located about 40 minutes from Kojonup and is crowned by natural beauty. The Cranbrook shire is the gateway to the Stirling Range National Park which hosts many diverse walking trails and is home to a vast array of Native Wildflowers. The species to look out for in this region are the Scarlet Banksia, the Southern Cross Flower and the most royal of flowers, the Queen of Sheba Orchid.

On the outskirts of the township of Cranbrook, down the Salt River Road is the Cranbrook Wildflower Walk. This area has some truly breath-taking orchid species and is ideal for the orchid enthusiast. It is a good idea to bring a picnic with you to enjoy after your 1.7km walk through the wildflowers. The picnic and parking areas are well signposted and easy to locate.

The Great Southern Region of Western Australia is proud of its natural heritage and celebrates this every year with the Bloom Festival held during the months of September through to October each year.

Must See Wildflowers – Kojonup WA - Wildflowers

Why choose to visit Kojonup WA?

  • It is only a 250km from Perth
  • It has 130 species of native fauna in the area
  • Over 40 confirmed species of wildflowers
  • Is part of the Great Southern Wine Region with 18 wineries within comfortable driving distance.
  • The region is dotted with peaceful walking trails, with amazing views of Western Australia’s regional heartland

Where can I stay in Kojonup?

Cornwall House Accommodation is a new 10 room motel which is conveniently located on the Albany Highway in the heart of Kojonup. This motel has a distinctive country charm and offers comfortable, clean, well-appointed accommodation. All rooms have reverse cycle air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities and complimentary Wi-Fi to ensure you have a comfortable stay, and above all, a good night’s sleep.

When planning your next great Aussie getaway, consider the Kojonup region, where you can see wildflowers the way they were meant to be seen, in the wild.

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