National Parks of the Great Southern Region

National Parks of Great Southern Region

The top 5 National parks and reserves to visit and things to do during your stay at Cornwall House Accommodation

Cornwall House Accommodation is blessed by its location in Kojonup by being surrounded on so many sides by the beautiful and pristine National Parks of the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. Perhaps the most famous tourist pilgrimage happens in spring to see the spectacular display of wildflowers all over the lower part of the state, but there are many more sights to be seen. The southern end of Western Australia is lush and green, and harbours a startling degree of biodiversity in a relatively small space. Whether it’s breath-taking scenic vistas from the heights, rocky landscapes littered with flowers bursting into bloom or the magical, densely forested gullies found throughout the parks – there is something for everyone in our special place in Australia. Quite aside from the types of surrounds you can choose from, each site offers a range of activities to suit every traveller and the following parks are famed for a reason – they offer something for everyone.

Stirling Range National Park

The beautiful expanse of Stirling Range National Park is special for a number of reasons. Not only is it a biodiversity hotspot – boasting more than 1500 species of flora, many of which are found nowhere else – it is also the only major mountain range to be found in the southern end of Western Australia. It’s varied offerings of shaded gullies, awe-inspiring cliff faces, endless varieties of beautiful wildflowers and breath-taking views from heights of up to 1000 metres above sea level, all culminate in a hikers dream come true.

Stirling Range National Park

Visitors come for a number of activities, but by far the most popular are the bush walks you can adventure off on or take the 42km scenic drive option with beautiful stops and lookouts along the way. Bushwalking tracks come in a number of lengths, but all are steep and have uneven surfaces so your level of fitness and appropriate hiking wear should be taken into account. The most popular and varied walks include:

·        Bluff Knoll

·        Mt Trio

·        Mt Toolbrunup

·        Mt Hassell

·        Mt Magog

Porongurup National Park

Porongurup National Park

Famous for its enormous granite boulders and gorgeous views, Porongurup National Park is worth a visit during your stay with us. Containing 750 native flora species within a relatively small 2600 hectare range, it’s packed with beauty to take in on a leisurely bushwalk as well as a number of short scenic drives. By far the most popular attractions include:

·        Granite Skywalk

·        Castle Rock

·        Devil’s Slide

·        Nancy’s Peak

Fitzgerald River National Park

Around a 2 hour drive south from Kojonup lies a national park with a coastal influence. Well worth the road trip down, Fitzgerald River National Park is stuffed full of natural biodiversity and is recognised by UNESCO as an International Biosphere Reserve. It has around 1800 different species of wildflowers and is rich in lichens, moss and beautiful fungi.

Fitzgerald River National Park

One of its most famous attractions happens during winter, where Southern Right whales migrate to calve along the shores nearby and can sometimes be seen from the heights of tracks – Point Ann in particular. From tracks rich in green flora, to rugged coastal walks that allow you views of sheltered bays and inlets – this national park truly offers a spectacular array of experience. There are excellent snorkelling, fishing and swimming options, and some of the best known walks and drives include:

·        Hamersley Drive

·        Sepulcralis HIll

·        No Tree Hill

·        East Mt Barron

·        Mt Maxwell

·        West Mt Barron

Lane Poole Reserve

Lane Poole Reserve

The truly enchanting Lane Poole Reserve is one of the largest national parks close to us here in Kojonup, extending itself over 50,000 hectares. It is filled with lush greenery and old growth forest, as well as many creeks and the Murray River. The size and diversity in geography makes Lane Poole Reserve an excellent option for recreational activities that include but are not limited to canoeing, horse riding, fishing, bushwalking and 4WDing. Like many of the national parks in the area, it is home to a huge selection of native wildflowers and is also a natural habitat for the now-famous Quokka. A selection of the best bushwalks include:

·        The Island Pool walk

·        The King Jarrah trail

·        The Nanga Brook trail

Wellington National Park

Famous for its Collie River Valley and spanning 17, 000 hectares of jarrah, marri and yarri forest, the Wellington National Park is a favourite destination for tourists year after year. It is especially attractive for those that want to indulge in water sports like rafting, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing – with a selection of locations that lend themselves to just these pursuits.

Wellington National Park

Walkers and hikers will experience pristine views of Wellington Dam and the gorgeous valley from look outs, as well as the rich variety of flora and wildlife. You can even stop for a snack along the way at the Kiosk located near the dam. Some of the biggest attractions include:

·        The rapids

·        The Long Pool

·        Walking trails leading off from Potters Gorge

·        Walks and other activities at The Honeymoon Pool

·        Great picnics, walks and swims at Big Rock

The selection and variation of National Parks in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia is second to none and should definitely not be passed over during your stay with us at Cornwall House Accommodation. More information on the parks and activities can be picked up from reception, and our knowledgeable team can talk you through the options depending on what you want to do!

If you’re a nature enthusiast and you want somewhere to stay that allows you to choose between several famed options – Cornwall House Accommodation is the place to be. Contact us for more information and to book in now!

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