Things to Do in Kojonup This Summer

Going to Kojonup soon? We’ve got you covered.

Kojonup, located in Western Australia, is a historical little town that is home to various activities and attractions that make it a worthy destination. Summer is a particularly ideal time to visit and explore Kojonup. Here are nine things to do for tourists when visiting Kojonup this Summer:

Go on an Adventure in and Around Lake Towerrinning

Go on an Adventure in and Around Lake Towerrinning

Lake Towerrinning is a large lake close to Kojonup, about a 30-minute ride away. A visit to this lake can satisfy both nature lovers and the adventurous type alike. Several activities are available there, including:

  • Swimming. Keep in mind however that the lake is quite deep in some areas.
  • Water skiing is permitted during daylight hours.
  • Camping and picnicking. Some areas around the lake are dedicated to these activities.
  • Bird and animal watching. The lake is frequented by many faunae as it is a natural water source. In fact, there are around 170 bird species and dozens of other animal species found in this area.

Potential visitors should know that Lake Towerinning is a nature reserve and has some restrictions and rules.

Visit the Kodja Place for History, Coffee, or Picnics

Visit the Kodja Place for History, Coffee, or Picnics

The Kodja Place is one of the most iconic destinations in Kojonup, and a visit for first-time Kojonup visitors is a must, regardless of the season. There are many things to do in the Kodja place. Each of these attractions reflects the history and soul of the town.

Things to do here include:

  • See the interactive historical displays and exhibits.
  • Visit the Rose Maze – a maze lined with roses. It also tells the story of three local women.
  • Dine and relax at the picnic area in the middle of the Rose Maze.
  • Sip a cup of coffee at the Black Cockatoo Café.
  • The Kodja Place is open seven days a week except on Christmas Day.

Summer Activities at the Kojonup Pool

The Kevin O’Halloran Memorial Swimming Pool in Kojonup is open year-round, but they hold special activities available only during summer. Aside from swimming and the water activities offered to visitors, this place also has an open barbecue area and a lawn where visitors can relax.

Picnic at Kojonup Spring

Picnic at Kojonup Spring

Kojonup Spring is a natural freshwater spring located close to an old military building, giving it some historical significance. Although not a body of water known for swimming, the surrounding grassy areas make for a nice picnic spot.

Walk Around, Picnic, or Just Relax at Apex Park.

One of the most popular spots in town is Apex Park, located close to Kojonup Spring. Many activities are available here, and most of them are perfect for summer visitors. These include the following:

  • Picnic on the well-maintained lawns which are perfect for relaxing. There’s also a barbecue area where visitors can grill.
  • Food and shops are available in one part of the park.
  • Walk around. The park has lovely views of various greenery, a creek, and is close to other attractions.
  • Other amenities are available, like toilets and a playground. It’s worth noting that all these amenities are also well-maintained.

Parks can get tiring, luckily, there are noteworthy Kojonup accommodations close to Apex Park so ensure to check these out.

See the Wandercla Races

Those visiting in February may want to visit the Kojonup Race Club for the annual Wandercla Races. The Kojonup Race Club is open year-round for horse races, and the Wandercla Races is a one-day event that celebrates the sport. This is one of the highlights of Kojonup in the summer.

This is obviously for horse racing fans, but there is also plenty to do during the event day for those who are not into horse racing. For instance, the Wandercla Races feature live music, camping, fashion segments, children’s entertainment, and more.

Enjoy the Local Flowers

Flower sanctuaries are found in and around Kojonup. The local flowers bloom in the spring, but those visiting town in the early summer may still see these flowers in bloom. Myrtle Benn, Farrar Dam Reserve, Cranbook, Boot Rock Reserve, and Lake Magenta Nature Reserve Some are some magnificent places to check out.

Shop for Local Goods

Shop for Local Goods

What’s a vacation without shopping? Luckily, there are a lot of options available for Kojonup visitors. These options are found all over town in the form of both local businesses and retail stores.

Among the most popular local shops include:

  • Woodenavacloo, a gift shop that sells trinkets and knick-knacks in the classic local style.
  • Crafts & Gifts Shop, another gift shop that sells handcrafted items and local specialities.
  • Gallery Aura for art, antiques, and other trinkets.
  • My Giddy Aunt Knick Knacks and Bric a Brac for specialty and gift items.
  • Nightingale’s Nest and Nursery for furniture, antiques, and garden items.
  • Kojonup Centre for local souvenirs.
  • Activ Foundation Thrift Shop, a local-run thrift shop that sells clothes and all sorts of trinkets.

For convenience, make sure to book Kojonup accommodations that are accessible from these shopping centres.

Taste the Local Wine

The climate of Kojonup is conducive for growing grapes, allowing it to become an excellent place for wine production. Summer is a great time to sample the many wineries nearby, making Kojonup a haven for both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. These wineries aren’t just a stop-buy-go places. There are vineyard tours, wine wasting, and exhibits for tourists. Among the most notable wineries close to Kojonup are the following:

  • Towerhill Estate
  • Alkoomi Wines
  • Frankland Estate
  • Ferngrove Wines
  • Trevelen Farm
Are You Looking for Kojonup Accommodations for a Summer Visit

Are You Looking for Kojonup Accommodations for a Summer Visit?

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